stick it up for me baby
Pictures of porn we are into and some homemade pictures. We are a couple BF & GF in our early 20's. Enjoy. (18+ NSFW)
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Anonymous asked: i would love lick your ass with some hot chocolate 👅


Can we compromise with just regular chocolate? I feel like hot chocolate would hurt. Are you from up north where its cold? what the heck.

agentlemensrendtion asked: how often do you have anal sex?


everytime & all the time =)

youthpu-s-sy asked: I just found your blog. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!


somewhere in florida ;)

Anonymous asked: Where did u get your crystal buttplug from? Looking to get my wife one.


Fetishes convention in Tampa last year!

Took a ride to the grocery store earlier to do some shopping :-P

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