stick it up for me baby
Pictures of porn we are into and some homemade pictures. We are a couple BF & GF in our early 20's. Enjoy. (18+ NSFW)
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themodified1 asked: Either a photo with spam embedded in it has been posted or your account had been hacked. Try changing your password.


We took care of it thank you 😘

Anonymous asked: Whenever you reblog kinghut shit it redirects from your page to BADOINK when it loads on the browser.


Ugh I don’t know what to do then! I reset my password !

Anonymous asked: R u still running ur blog as every time I come to look at u I get redirected to porn sites?


Uh yea we DEFF run our shit still…. Some scumbags must be stealing our URL and redirecting our followers! WTF !!


feed her shitter

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